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Welcome to ABJ Productions. A professional resource establishment that produces a variety of project
— from short independent films, artists career enhancement tools, arts groups partnership and family
video productions. This page will hopefully encourage actors, actresses, arts organizations and families
to enliven their lives and organizations by contacting ABJ Productions.


ACTING COACH OR CLASS: ABJ Productions prepares actors and actresses for their upcoming audition.Conducted by working professional actor, Alan Bomar Jones, acting coaching provides direction for your monologue or scene, assistance in selecting audition material, articulation and vocal inflection guidance and finally professional presentation skills. If you want ongoing lessons in acting, we can schedule regular sessions and assist you in becoming a superior performer.
YES, I REMEMBER THAT TOO: Oral storytelling is grounded in memory, and memory is a subjective instrument for relating the past; always shaped by the present moment and the raconteurs emotions. Yes, I Remember That Too is a series of personal stories created from one-on-one interviews that are video and audio taped. Interviews by senior citizens and their family members.

Yes, I Remember That Too allows individuals to document their stories as they reflect on their life. These recordings will become part of a conglomerate of family stories, produced into a personal family video. Each program will also have an audio version available for the visually impaired, i.e. Audio Book. Both formats will be made available to the participating senior citizen and their immediate family.

INDEPENDENT SHORT FILMS: The increased demand for Independent Films is due to its diversity and unique quality. Independent films have become an art form that functions as an instrument to introduce creative filmmakers to mainstream audiences. In the United States, independent film and video producers have found a new audience via the internet. ABJ Productions offers local actors the opportunity to create their own internet film project. Working as the technical crew and casting assistant, we can bring your scripted idea to life.

TALENT REEL: Going to Film and TV auditions may become such a routine for performers that without realizing it, they can easily be overlooked. Standing out above the rest of the talent pool should be the goal of every artist. It is becoming very commonplace for actors and actresses to have more control over their own careers by offering a reel featuring their talents. We assist in providing that control by producing Talent Reels for Actresses, Actors, Directors, Singers, Dancers; basically any artists that wishes to organize their work on film/video. With a Talent Reel DVD, the artist becomes empowered by being able to leave a reel of their accomplishments following their audition.

AUDIO DEMO: For the artist that wants to venture into the entertaining world of Voice-over, Audio Book Narration or seek out singing opportunities; an Audio Demo is an important tool to have. An Audio Demo is a way for a gifted voice talent to approximate their ideas on tape or disc, and provide a sample of those ideas to producers, agents and talent scouts. Your Audio Demo can be created custom-made to your vocal talent.


ARTS ORGANIZATIONS PARTNERSHIP: Seeking partnership with an artist to apply for grant funding? Alan Bomar Jones, Resident Artist with Ohio Arts Council offers a variety of arts programs. Music and Video production programs for seniors, performing arts programs for k-12 and specialized arts programs for special needs and autistic students. As a regular participating artist with the Ohio Arts Council, Alan’s programs are effective and successful.

WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS AND EDUCATION LECTURE SERIES: Conducted by Alan Bomar Jones for proletarian and other working professionals; ABJ Productions offers workshops for high school, colleges and universities, professional theatre companies, talent agencies and any organization that would like to offer their students, their talent pool or employees, professional training in: Professional Theatre, Film and TV, Voice and Audio Book Narration, Career Planning in the Performing Arts, Various Levels of Acting and Audition Techniques. These informative Power Point presentations will aide in artist development, performance confidence, offer up-to-date techniques and practices, provide one-on-one learning and add a reputable training course to all in attendance. Contact Alan to schedule your own training session.

TOURING AND TEACHING: If you are an education institution or professional theatre company seeking an economically friendly offer to your student body or upcoming theatre season; ABJ Productions offers Touring and Teaching. Touring and Teaching is presently traveling around the United States and would love to develop a professional relationship with your institution. Touring and Teaching introduces professional Equity actors and educators with over 50 years of combined acting experience. Touring and Teaching will provide an impressive theatrical presentation chosen by one of your staff members. The group will arrive ready to perform with actors, portable set, props, lighting plot and sound design on CD. This exciting new performance offering, which includes a free arts workshop; can be the perfect catalyst in offering professional racial diversity theatre to your enthusiastic audience or students. Please contact alanbomarjones@sbcglobal.net for additional tour information.