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Traveling One Man Show

Touring and Teaching are presently traveling around the United States and would love to develop a professional relationship with your institution.
Touring and Teaching introduces Alan Bomar Jones and Bryant Bentley; professional Equity actors and educators with over 50 years of combined acting experience.
Touring and Teaching will provide an impressive theatrical presentation chosen by one of your staff members. The group will arrive ready to perform with actors, portable set, props and audio tracks. This exciting new performance offering, which includes a free arts workshop; can be the perfect catalyst in offering professional racial diversity theatre to your enthusiastic audience or students. Please contact alanbomarjones@sbcglobal.net for a list of touring shows and workshops.

Selected shows offered by Touring and Teaching will introduce your students to a unique style of professional acting.
(1) Choose one of the two-man or one-man shows listed in our repertoire
(2) Touring and Teaching’s will gladly forward a copy of the script to assure that it meets your approval for safe content
(3) Touring and Teaching will arrive a day earlier to set-up for their show and rehearse in your facility (if applicable)
(4) Touring and Teaching will perform the chosen theatrical show which is generally 45 to 55 minutes in length
(5) Schedule a talk-back and give the artists a chance to interact with your students

Touring and Teaching will provide the following :
(1) A complete Lesson Plan Guide to educate the students on the upcoming production
(2) A pre-show activity that will involve your students
(3) A free arts workshop of your choice which can be offered at a convenient agreed upon time and location ( workshop list available upon request)

Touring and Teaching Theater Presentation

The Meeting by Jeff Stetson: The Meeting is an engaging and intelligent play that depicts a fictional account of a secret meeting between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This riveting play deals with issues that are still relevant today.
Pointing the Blame by Alan Bomar Jones: Gregory Anthony, a forgotten TV star is kidnapped by Jesse Watson, a young man with personal issues. Jesse plans a mass shooting at a local TV station; putting the blame on Gregory. A straight forward play that deals with the terror of mass shootings.
Fathers, Dads and Men Like Us by Alan Bomar Jones: Take your pick. This show can be presented as a one-man show or two-man show; whatever your needs are. Take a journey with 5 familiar men who represent a father, 2 step-fathers, a deadbeat dad and a man who wants to be a father, but can’t. Their stories will fill your heart with happiness and sadness, your mind with questions that have no answers, and your soul with hope. Funded by a grant from The Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District.
Under Arrest by Alan Bomar Jones: Curtis Brown is caught shoplifting by Phillip Howard a part-time security cop. While they wait in the mall office for the local police to arrive they strike up a conversation. Tempers flare, confessions are made and personal baggage is unpacked in this true-to-life story of a good man gone bad. But who is the real criminal in this encounter?
Brown Bomb the Greatest by Alan Bomar Jones: A humorous and interesting play that depicts a fictional meeting of The Brown Bomber Joe Louis and The Greatest Muhammad Ali. As their egos collide a challenge is made. Who is truly the Champion of all time. You have to see it to believe it.
Meet Jackie Robinson by Bryant Bentley: This one-man play traces Robinson’s career from his college days, to the Negro Baseball League and into his life as a Major-League Baseball player anxious to break down the “color line” that exists.
The Last Days of Martin Luther King Jr. by Alan Bomar Jones: This fictional account of the last TV interview of Dr. King unveils a man the nation has never seen. Secrets are revealed, mistakes are exposed and emotions fill the TV station. Will a journalist who longs for a Pulitzer Prize go too far. A must see for all.
Phillip Othello Morenke: My Life with William Shakespeare by Alan Bomar Jones: Who was Othello the Moor Warrior that killed Desdemona out of jealousy? In this one-man show meet Phillip Othello Morenke, the man that claims to be the inspiration and a good friend to William Shakespeare. He visits the future and unfolds the events that led to the writing of Williams most famous tragic love story.
Paul Robesons’ Stage by Alan Bomar Jones: A one-man show with drama, comedy and music. If you think you knew all there is to know about Paul Robeson, think again. Meet his father, his manager and Paul Robeson himself. This show will guide your imagination through his beginnings, athletic achievements, dramatic accomplishments and ultimately his fall from grace.
Ray Charles Reign On Me by Alan Bomar Jones and Bryant Bentley: Step aside Jamie Foxx, Bryant Bentley offers a one-man show that is sure to be an audience pleaser. Singing, dancing, drinking and drug abuse. And that’s just the beginning. This bio will embrace his personal triumphs as it offers a strong lesson in alcohol and drug abuse.
The life of Frederick Douglas by Alan Bomar Jones: Why was he the only black man that Abraham Lincoln shared so much with? Why did he remain a strong advocate in the Underground Railroad escapes? How did he manage to become so educated at a time when African-Americans were not allowed any form of education? These questions are answered and more in this historical journey.